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Marysia's Icon Journal
Recent Entries 
11th-Nov-2005 09:39 pm - Header: Kantarou and Haruka
I doubt anyone will want this, but I made it and don't really plan on using it myself right away so I thought I'd put it here in case someone did. ^^;;

700x300 Tactics header (Kantarou & Haruka)
11th-Nov-2005 12:46 pm - Icontest Awards
I've managed to win awards at some icontests. I'm making this post to show off my banners and stuff in. Yay. ^^; Some of these were made by the awesome people at custom_banners. (And I made a couple myself for my application there o.O) Really, the key to winning seems to be to ENTER LOTS AND LOTS OF CONTESTS. I've entered about ten times this many. XD;

Also, these have my main journal name, marysia because it's more convenient for me to enter contests with that name. All the icons here should be found in my various icon posts (if not, they will be soon).

yayCollapse )
5th-Nov-2005 01:30 pm - Icon Post 006: .hack//sign
26 .hack//sign icons for animealphabet. These took me about two weeks...I haven't entered any contests the past couple weeks because I've been working on them. ^^;; I tried a bunch of different techniques on these. I'm pleased with a lot of them, but some of them are kind of... ehh. Well, whatever. Yes, there's a bias towards Tsukasa here, because I love him XD; I tried to do some of the less-iconed characters though.


+ + +Collapse )
22nd-Oct-2005 05:04 pm - Icon Post 005
14 icons:
5 Final Fantasy (Various)
1 each of the following: Chobits, Loveless, XXXHolic, .hack, Sailor Moon, FMA, Magic Knight Rayearth, Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland, Inuyasha

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9th-Oct-2005 09:49 pm - Icon Post 004
8 Final Fantasy (Various)
2 Chrono Trigger
1 Xenosaga
1 Sailor Moon
3 .hack
1 Read or Die
2 Chrno Crusade
3 Loveless

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1st-Oct-2005 03:50 pm - Icon Post 003
12 misc. anime and game icons, most entered into contests of various types. (There are some more I really want to post, but unfortunately can't, since the contests they're in aren't over yet. ^^;;)

3 Tactics
2 Stellvia
1 .hack
1 Aoi Umi no Tristia
1 Sukisho
2 Skies of Arcadia
1 Xenosaga
1 Final Fantasy

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Plug: game_lyrical. Join, even if it's just to vote. :O
16th-Sep-2005 12:36 am - Icon Post 002: Advent Children
I'm definitely going to be doing more Advent Children icons, but I don't want to put tooo many icons in one post. 15 is a good number I think. And I haven't even finished iconing all my screencaps from the first 30 minutes. =_=


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13th-Sep-2005 09:59 pm - FFVII: AC Lifestream textures

These were made from screencaps I took of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This is my first texture set. ^^;;

+Please comment if you take them, I want to know what people like.
+Credit isn't required, but nice so other people can find the stuff. Either marysia or rubyshard works fine.
+Feel free to add this journal if you like my stuff!

EDIT: Example icons! I may make more, but so far I have these (also up for grabs):

Yes, I'm on an Advent Children kick. XD
10th-Sep-2005 11:11 pm - Icon Post 001
Since this journal is new I'll start by posting some icons I've made previously from various fandoms. Most icon posts will probably not be this big. >_>

17 Tactics, 3 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, 1 Fantasia, 3 D.Gray-manCollapse )
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